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Waterfront Park Design

Bal Harbour Village recently unveiled renderings of the waterfront park to be built on the corner of 96th Street and Bal Bay Drive on the site of the current park. Designed with suggestions and discussions from Village residents through a series of workshops held last year, the versatile public space looks like a perfect fit for Bal Harbour. Zyscovich Architects created the renderings that show a beautifully designed two-story 12,000 square foot community center with a rooftop viewing area, several multipurpose rooms and indoor play area. Outside there will be an amphitheater, children’s playground, splash pad and fountains, passive spaces, waterfront boardwalk, walkways and terraces, shaded areas, parking and extensive landscaping.

Upon final approvals, the construction is expected to begin by the end of 2020 along with an off-site relocation of the Parks and Public Spaces Department Operations Facility.

January 29, 2018 Public Design Workshop

March 5, 2018 Public Design Workshop

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