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UPDATE #60 - COVID-19                                                   September 18, 2020 (5:00 PM)

Bal Harbour Village continues to monitor the data and information relative to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our decisions and efforts continue to be measured, driven by the best available recommended medical advice and guidance, in conjunction with Miami-Dade County and the Florida Department of Health.  As a reminder, the safest thing you can do to protect yourself, loved ones and our community is to wear a facial covering, keep a safe social distance, wash your hands often and thoroughly, and avoid crowded places.  Below are some updates as of today:

Miami-Dade County Order 28-20 Relative to Entertainment Venues

Effective Friday, September 18, 2020, Miami-Dade County Carlos A. Gimenez signed amendments to earlier orders allowing the opening of several types of entertainment venues.   Amendment No. 1 to Emergency Order 28-20 allows the opening of movie theaters, concert houses, convention spaces, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, arcades, and indoor amusement facilities at 50 percent capacity. All venues must strictly follow rules set in the New Normal Guidebook. This amendment allows for indoor consumption of food and beverages within movie theaters, concert houses, convention spaces, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, arcades, casinos, and indoor amusement facilities, but only in designated areas. This amendment also allows for live performances, provided performers are no less than 10 feet from patrons at all times and such patrons observe such performances from tables or stationary seats.

Miami-Dade County Order 29-20 Relative to Permitting Certain Sports Scrimmages

Amendment No. 1 to Emergency Order 29-20 allows for limited competitive play, including scrimmages. However, organized inter-team sports and league games will not be permitted, except in the case of tennis, racquetball and baseball, if masks are worn at all times. This amendment also requires facial coverings to be worn at all times for other activities on athletic fields.

Miami-Dade County Contract Tracing App

On Wednesday, September, 16, 2020, Miami-Dade County formally launched its new contact-tracing app called “CombatCOVID MDC.”  Available in English, Creole and Spanish, this new app will help keep the County’s community healthy while also building trust so that local businesses can continue to re-open. Palm Beach County is also using the same app, and Broward is considering implementing it, so there will be synergy throughout South Florida.  This secure app requires no personal information. And no GPS or location data is tracked. All information is encrypted to meet security protocols.

The app incorporates Bluetooth connections to anonymously notify users if they have been near another person who has downloaded the app and has self-reported being positive for COVID-19.  If the app indicated potential exposure, users are urged to isolate and get tested immediately, because even people who feel fine can spread the virus to loved ones and those at high risk of getting severely ill.

If a user does test positive, the app discretely alerts others to get tested without ever disclosing the identity of the app user.  The free CombatCOVID MDC app can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iPhone use, and the Google Store for androids.  It operates in the cellphone’s background, so users just need to be sure that they do not swipe it off when closing other applications. It needs to remain open in the background to continue working.  This app complements contact tracing conducted by the Florida Department of Health, whose contact tracers are reaching out by phone to those who test positive in order to help them protect others from exposure.

Miami-Dade County Order 29-20 Relative to Parks and Recreational Spaces

Emergency Order 29-20, which went into on September 14, 2020, restates rules for operations of parks and other recreational spaces, boats, and golf courses. This order allows parks to stay open until 10:00 p.m. and permits limited competitive play. While organized inter-team sports and league games will still be prohibited, this new order provides standards for tour boats and other non-fishing charter vessels. It also sets revised maximum occupancy standards for vessels larger than 36 feet. In addition, it permits operation of outdoor amusement and outdoor recreational facilities, with restrictions.

This order also this cancels Emergency Order 5-20 to allow for operations of common-use moped, motorized scooter, bicycle or motorized bicycle and micro-mobility devices in accordance with the New Normal Handbook.

Phase 2 - State of Florida Recovery COVID-19 Plan

Florida Governor DeSantis announced on September 11, 2020, that both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties would be permitted to enter into Phase 2 of the State of Florida’s Recovery COVID-19 Plan.  Details of can be found on this link:

Miami-Dade County Order 27-20 Relative to County-wide Curfew – Change in Time

A curfew remains in place for all of Miami-Dade County from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Effective Monday, September 14, 2020, the curfew time in Miami-Dade County will change with the curfew in effect from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. each day, Details can be found here: Miami-Dade County Emergency Order No. 27-20.  During the period of such curfew, no person shall make use of any street or sidewalk for any purpose, except police, fire rescue, first responder, medical, health care, media, and utility repair service personnel. In addition, the curfew shall not apply to persons: working at essential establishments; returning directly to their homes from work at essential establishments or going directly to work at essential establishments from their homes; making deliveries from essential establishments; and walking their dogs within 250 feet of their residences. 

Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 28-20 Relative to Restaurants

Effective as of August 31, 2020, Emergency Order 28-20 allows indoor dining restaurants to operate at 50 percent capacity, with six people maximum at a table, social distancing and facial coverings. The restaurants are required to run their HVAC systems with the fans "on" while people are in the establishments and to keep doors and windows open to maximize the circulation of fresh air.  For additional information, please see the New Normal Guidelines.

Miami-Dade County Order Relative to Masks and Face Coverings

This Order also remains in place.  Amendment 1 to Emergency Order 2020 effective July 2, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., which requires that all persons throughout Miami-Dade County wear a mask, or other facial covering, at all times when in public or public spaces, including common areas in residential and commercial buildings.  

  • Masks, and other facial coverings, shall not be required: 
  • inside a person’s private residence or home;
  • inside a private automobile;
  • at, or inside, any religious institution, without limitation;
  • inside a hotel, motel, or commercial lodging establishment guest room, or inside any apartment/condominium unit;
  • for children under the age of two years;
  • ·of persons who cannot wear a mask or facial covering due to a medical condition;
  • ·of an individual who is hearing impaired or an individual who is communicating with an individual who is hearing impaired;
  • where safety or health regulations prohibit the wearing of facial coverings;
  • ·of persons actively engaged in strenuous physical activity, either inside or outdoors (please note:Amendment No. 2 To Miami-Dade County Emergency Order No. 26-20requires that masks/face coverings must be worn in gyms and fitness centers regardless of activity level);
  • ·of persons swimming or engaged in other activities which may cause the facial covering to become wet; 
  • while persons are actively eating, drinking, or smoking; and, while a person is receiving services, which require access to that person’s nose or mouth.

On July 16, 2020, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved an Ordinance which makes failure to comply with any Emergency Order a civil offense, subject to a $100 fine.  Businesses where violations occur will face a $500 civil fine.

United States Census 2020

We strongly urge you to complete the 2020 Census.  The Census is quick and easy to complete.  There are a few simple questions about you and everyone who was living with you as of April 1, 2020. The census helps ensure our community receives its share of federal funds and fair representation in the State Legislature and U.S. Congress. 

You do not need the paper questionnaire which was sent by mail in order to respond.  For the first time ever, in addition to the mail-in responses, the U.S. Census Bureau will accept responses online at You can complete the Census online or you may complete by telephone by calling 1-844-330-2020 every day, seven days a week between 7:00am and 2:00am. Your responses and personal information are confidential and protected by federal law. We encourage you to complete your census form online or by phone. To learn more about Census 2020, please visit

For our updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), please visit:

Please note that the last day to complete the Census is September 30, 2020.

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